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Cadence announce exciting Percussion deal


Press Release by Cadence

Cadence are pleased to announce an early Christmas present for our marching percussion line - that we will be joining the TAMA family for the 2015 season! The 2015 drum line will be performing on brand new marching snares, basses and tenors... as part of our “Castaway” production, and our journey to the Drum Corps Europe championships in Kerkrade.

Through our existing partnership with Kanstul Musical Instruments, TAMA marching percussion was the logical choice for the corps. After almost 9 months of planning, discussions and negotiations we are finally in a position to share our news with you all. The package will also include a full compliment of Hardcase equipment and brand new Evans drum heads.

Andy Sadaowski of Tama Headstock said: “Tama Drums and Headstock Distribution are proud to welcome Cadence Drum & Bugle Corps into its worldwide family of Tama Marching Percussion users, and furthermore the very first organisation here in the UK to endorse the Tama Marching Percussion range! We are exited that our range of marching drums will be showcased for the very first time in the UK by the Cadence Drum & Bugle Corps. We look forward to charting your success over the following year and helping you to show the world why Tama really is the strongest name in drums”.

Ian Wright from DrumWright added: "DrumWright are proud and privileged to see the first of these excellent Tama marching drums come through to the UK to be used by the Cadence Drum & Bugle Corps, and we look forward to watching them grow with their wonderful new instruments. Tama is synonymous with quality and the Cadence Drum & Bugle Corps have the enviable yet deserved position of having both the first set in the UK and one of the finest set ups around."

Cadence would like to thank Jack Kanstul, Ken Hoshino and Tom Float from TAMA, Andy Sadaowski of Tama Headstock and Ian Wright from DrumWright Reading for their support and valued assistance during this period and we look forward to receiving our full line of TAMA Marching Drums in the New Year.


17th December 2014



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