Thanks from Concord

All members and staff of CONCORD Drum & Bugle Corps would like to thank everyone involved in organising and running yesterday's British Drum Corps Championships. Despite all the doom and gloom of recent weeks, the day was impeccably organised - in a top-class, welcoming venue (with decent weather !) and staffed by volunteers and stadium staff to provide a quality service for all competitors and spectators. The audience was a very respectable size and warmly supported all the competing units. As the announcer said on Retreat - "That doesn't look like an organisation that's struggling".

The day proved that there's still a viable and active organisation for British Drum Corps that has plenty to offer to its members and audiences. It's now up to all those who attended and those with a genuine interest in the future of British drum corps to support the organisation and its Board of Trustees over the next crucial few weeks.

Congratulations to all competitors for a fine day's entertainment.








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