Movement of Members
Guidelines for Members and Corps Directors

Information for Marching Members:

Should a member wish to transfer from his/her original Corps he/she must obtain the written permission of his/her Corps. 

This will usually be over the signature of the Corps Director but individual corps organisations may differ in their management structure and the required permission must be granted by the competent authority in each Corps. 

Members must obtain release from their 2004 corps prior to attending rehearsals / events with the corps they are intending to move to.  

The individual may only consider themselves released after the DCUK Office has received written notification of their release from their 2004 Corps Director/personal in authority.  Any member believing they have a legitimate reason to register with a different Corps may seek the approval of the Chairman of DCUK who may, if he feels a case exists, seek the approval for an exemption from a DCUK Appeals Committee.

Information/guidelines for Corps Directors:

A DCUK member corps director approached by a member or members who are currently registered with another DCUK corps should immediately:

1.  Inform the member that they cannot attend rehearsals or other corps functions (including social functions) until they have affected their release from their current corps either with the permission of their current corps director or by result of a DCUK Appeal.  The corps director approached can explain the relevant procedures to the member but neither he nor his members or staff must be involved with the individual after that point until they are released

2.  Notify the DCUK office of the approach and the members name

The corps should have no formal or social contact with that member until they are released.  Any such contact will render the member concerned ineligible to appeal to DCUK.

3.  Any Corps Director accepting a person into membership without their formal release will forgo any later right of appeal on the part of that member and will not be able to register them to march in DCUK competition until one FULL competitive season has elapsed.  (Please note that the definition of a FULL DCUK season shall be from the first to the last show of a scheduled season including finals).  it is the intention that this will render members accepted midway through a season ineligible to march until the end of the following season).

4.  Acceptance of an inquiring member attending any function of the potential receiving corps shall be classified as acceptance by them into membership and their right of appeal lost and their eligibility to march rendered at above.








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