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Cadence 2015 Update and Staff Announcement


Press Release by Cadence

In 2015 Cadence Drum & Bugle Corps are pleased to present Castaway taking inspiration from the 2000 Robert Zemeckis film starring Tom Hanks. After a plane crash in the Pacific Ocean ends on a deserted island, experience a range of emotions as the fight to survive and escape results in lives changing forever

Presented in four musical and visual movements:
In Transit
Return to Sender

Featuring arrangements of the music of Alan Silvestri, David Holsinger, John Ottaman and Bjork, alongside original compositions by Joe Rodwell and Murdoch Wilson

2015 Design Team and Instructional Staff:
Design Team:
Brass and Frontline: Joe Rodwell - Cadence would like to welcome Joe Rodwell who is taking over brass arranging duties from Damon Bates who has been our arranger since 2010. We thank Damon for all his hard work and support over the past few seasons. Joe Rodwell is well known throughout the Drum Corps world and a well respected musician and composer in the "real world".

Battery Percussion: Vicki Batley-Spalding - Vicki is now in her sixth year writing and teaching Cadence. Vicki has marched in a number of top UK corps including Blue Eagles, Sunrisers and the Senators. She has also marched in the USA with the Boston Crusaders. As a former New Surrey Raiders Alumni Vicki is one our many "home grown" design team members.

Visual Design: Bobbie Clifford - Bobbie has been with the Corps for many years. She started with New Surrey Raiders in 1991 playing Mellophone and stayed with the Corps through to the merger with Cadence in 1997. She spent a year with Golden Garrison Winterguard in 1996 and also marched Mellophone with Southern Aurora in 2005. Bobbie was one of the original staff members to keep the Corps going after the Main Corps became inactive in 2005, she has been Visual Caption head since 2006.

Auxillary & Colour Guard Design: Ian Bunce & Kayleigh Bicknell - Ian is another former New Surrey Raiders Alumni. He has also marched in DCUK with the Squires Drum & Bugle Corps during their most successful period in the mid 1990s. Ian marched in WGUK with Golden Garrison and Oracle Open. This is his first year with Cadence and we would like to welcome him to the TBRM family.
Kayleigh joined Cadence in 1995 on Colourguard. She marched and then taught the Guard every season until the Corps folded in 2005. She also marched several years with Southern Knights in WGUK. Kayleigh was Guard caption head with Cadence in 2013 and we are pleased to welcome her back to the Corps in 2015 in a design capacity.

Instructional Staff:
Ensemble Music Caption Head: Dave Stones
Visual Caption Head: Bobbie Clifford
Visual Staff: Steve Wood
Brass Caption Head: Emma Batley-Spalding
Brass Staff: Paul Riddell
Persussion Caption Head: Tracey Benn
Persussion Staff: Euan Braidwood
Colour Guard Caption Head: Ian Bunce
Colour Guard Staff: Lorraine Sherwood
Choreographer: Georgia Mann
Frontline Caption Head: Tammy Osborne
Drum Major: Emma Wade
Corps Manager: Paul Riddell
Corps Director: Paul Newman

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our equipment suppliers and partners who have supported the Corps during the past two seasons:
Kanstul Musical Instruments, Inc, Innovative Percussion, Inc., Evans Drumheads & HQ Percussion, Southern Percussion & FJM Fred J. Miller Inc.

For 2015 we are pleased and proud to be joining the TAMA Family and will be using the latest series of TAMA marching drums as part of a long term partnership with Official Tama Marching Percussion, Headstock Distribution and DrumWright Reading.


28th January 2015



Drum Corps United Kingdom 2015
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