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The UK Fan Network is back on 21st December


After 3 months "off air" the UK Fan Network (UKFN) will be back with you once more from Monday 21st December, bringing the best in UK Drum Corps and Winter Guard. The UKFN team havenít been resting these few months, they have been working on a brand new site, which will bring you an improved viewing experience.

There are also 2 new subscription options and new lower prices. Subscribers can choose from Winter Guard or Drum Corps only for £9.99, or get a 25% discount and buy our combo package for just £14.99 for 12 months. Your subscription will also now run for 12 months from your subscription date, not on a fixed date.

From 9am on 21st December just go to the new website Ė - and sign up and get access to just under 1,000 videos including both the DCUK & WGUK 2015 Championships events.


18th December 2015



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