Northern Star Announce 2007 Programme

Northern Star Drum & Bugle Corps are pleased to announce their 2007 programme - "Through the Labyrinth: A Journey Of Discovery".

"Following our 2006 show was always going to be a tough challenge", said Program Co-ordinator Mark Pickles. "The 2007 show is really going to be a vehicle to drive us further as drum corps. The concept, the arrangers, everything is in place for this to be an even bigger, even better production that last year."

To create the show the corps have assembled a stunning Dream Team of World Class composers and arrangers, which will be announced very shortly. As a preface though fans should expect Northern Star to be taking to the field in 2007 with a completely original show, music that's not just bought off the shelf but specifically written and arranged for the consecutive 3 times British Champions.

The initial concept of the show will see the corps travelling on a magical Journey through a Labyrinth, facing many challenges and obstacles but with the ultimate quest of finding their own Utopian Garden, a place where all your dreams come true.

Head of Percussion Nick Emmett said, "we want to create a metaphor whereby the journey we portray travelling through the Labyrinth compares with the trials and tribulation of our lives, and even drum corps. Obstacles to get past, battles to be won, all in search of our dreams, whatever they may be."









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