6th Hove release details of 2007 projects

6th Hove will be experimenting with an indoor, full corps production over the winter, based on their 2006 summer production "Bushido" which will challenge all performers to stay fit, adapt to a different performance arena and develop musical, visual and performance skills along side our usual winter program: Essentially the concept takes the essence of their summer production and re-works it for a condensed indoor arena; Imagine the excitement of drum corps in an intimate environment where the audience are almost part of the production, where dynamic range consists of more than just the 'fortissimo' required to fill a stadium with sound, where the performance can include music, marching, sound effects, costume, props, dance or the human voice and where the instruments, performers and audience won't have to do battle with the British winter climate and other issues associated with rehearsing and performing outdoors...

The 2007 Summer production then naturally progresses from here; The Samurai movies of the 50's & 60's and in particular those of Japanese film maker Akira Kurosawa (The 7 Samurai) have inspired much western cinema, from sci-fi epics to modern urban tales, in fact a whole genre evolved from the Samurai Epics; The American Western and this is where thier evolution takes them for the summer of 2007. The character developed during our 2006 summer production "The Warrior of Light" returns, but their scene is now set in the American West, The Warrior of Light is now "A Man Called…...." a righteous vigilante bounty hunter, who's sole existence is to right the wrongs of others and avenge those who cannot revenge. The music and visual will be inspired by the films of Sergio Leone coupled with the soundtracks of famous movie arranger Ennio Morricone. You may recognise some of themes, both musically and visually along with the zen concepts and spirituality forged in our 2006 production. This will be ever present in this completely original offering from 6th Hove in 2007.

"We feel strongly that we should offer our members, staff and audience a good quality, continually challenging and rewarding experience and that the marching music activity in the UK needs to 'evolve' to ensure it's survival" says Corps Director Phil Clegg. "We think these new projects will be a step towards the future of our activity and we hope you will embrace it, and enjoy it with us!"

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