Drum Corps United Kingdom - "The Future"

The new management team of Drum Corps United Kingdom are pleased to announce that a significant amount of work has already been undertaken in re-modelling of DCUK under the new constitutional framework accepted at the recent Annual General Meeting. 

Early indications are that the new board have settled into their roles with ease and identified at an early stage a number of priority strategies that will hopefully bring a new sense of vigour and stability to the Drum corps activity in the UK. 

Members of the new board have spent time gaining feedback from members, alumni and supporters and have used this valuable information together with their own skills to discuss many topics and initiatives in an initial step in firstly stabilising the sport of Drum Corps in the UK and secondly starting to put in place plans which will encourage and facilitate an environment whereby Drum Corps and the DC activity can once again become a leading force known for excellence, entertainment and professionalism in the art of marching music.

A new DCUK and the stabilisation of the Drum corps Activity

Looking to the immediate future the board felt that it had a number of issues to address in order to ensure that corps would commit to the DCUK summer circuit in 2007. These fell primarily into the following major categories.

• Events that would attract a larger audience than we had become used during recent years.
• A restructure of the competitive class structure, which would facilitate participation by Corps based on standard of performance and or on age of performers within each corps.
• A desire to enable all member Corps to self-select which category or class to participate in based on their own aspirations.
• A commitment to driving down the cost of membership and participation of Drum Corps United Kingdom.
• Judging Systems and Relationships
• The continuance of developing Drum Corps United Kingdom’s relationships with its strategic partners in order to develop closer working relationships for the good of all in the future.
• A major overhaul of the rules and regulations, which govern our events in an effort to develop a culture and ethic of “can do” as opposed to “can’t do”.

The above are only the start of the long process of development but ones that will without doubt provide for a stable springboard moving into 2007 and a strong bedrock foundation to build on in the coming months and years.

The full report on the activities of the new board to date can be found through the following link - Drum Corps United Kingdom - "The Future"





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