The Cavaliers from USA Announce European Tour 07

The Cavaliers have announced their participation in the European Drum Corps League on their website. This is a direct result of a short visit to the Netherlands by Jeff Fiedler, Corps Director and Dave Flynn, board member of The Cavaliers on October 31st and November 1st. They discussed their tour with Executive Director Rob van Koningshoven of the Top Events Netherlands Foundation, who will organize the European Drum Corps League.

After a day of deliberation about transport, housing, food, travelling- and practice time and the tour schedule, the representatives visited some facilities on Wednesday.  The program also included a reception at the town hall of Eindhoven.  After coming home the two reported directly at their board meeting on Thursday evening.

TEN expects to finalize the tour schedule within the next weeks and present all details by half of January. After some delay the new website will also be launched soon.

Website: The Cavaliers




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