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Ann & John Legon - Thank You


On Saturday 30th September, at the DCE European Drum Corps Championships, a presentation was made, on behalf of Drum Corps United Kingdom, Drum Corps Europe, Irish marching Band Association and Dutch Music Games (Drum Corps Netherlands) to thank Ann & John Legon for their work over the years and to mark their long commitment to activity.

Photo courtesy of Remy Seits DCE

Both Ann & John seem to have been around for as long as we can all remember so DCUK thought it would be a good idea to find out how and when they got involved and Ann has kindly supplied the following... 

I have been checking back to see how long we have both been involved and for your information here are the details.

1977 - Parents when Sue (their daughter) first joined Mayflower followed by Carol (their other daughter)
1978 - 1980 - Mayflower fundraising committee
1981 - 1989 I think - Blue Eagles firstly fundraising committee, then I became Corps Secretary on the Management Committee and John was firstly Corps Manager then Chairman of Corps Management Committee, but can't remember exact years, but it was all sometime in the 80's

We moved down to Brighton and John was then asked to become Chairman for Southern Aurora and as he had previously experience in the job was asked to take over until an election could take place. He was then elected and continued until The 6th took over the Corps where he continued in this position for a few years until he stood down although still remaining on the committee. During this time I was also Secretary of both Southern Aurora and The 6th. 

I have been tabulating since 1990. This was due to Ivan Balchin and Russell Malley asking me at a contest down in Wales, as I was always with Carol at all contests where she judged and they felt I might as well do something as just sit there and the rest is history. I was then asked to tabulate for WGUK, but not sure when that started.

As for the admin, I started doing that with DCUK, can't remember when now, then was asked to do the same with WGUK, which I did until a couple of years ago. When the Judges all came under the umbrella of DCE, I was asked if I would be prepared to do the admin for a short time, which I agreed to, and as you know am still doing the job.

As you can see we have been involved for donkeys years and will still continue to do so, if required, John as flag maker and me as Administrator for DCE judges.

On behalf of everyone involved in our activity - thank you both for your support and continued commitment.

4th October 2017



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