Brass Clinic Available to All For FREE

Those who were in attendance at the 2004 Pontins Festival may remember the American instructor Joe who came over to teach for the week. He is visiting the UK again in a few weekends time and has volunteered his services to run a clinic completely FREE of charge. I have been asked to find out how many keen and willing brass players would be interested in attending a brass clinic run by him.

For those who don't know Joe, he has been a part of The Phantom Regiment for a few years now. For at least two of these he has been their horn sergeant, often acting as a tech for the trumpet line as well. He is also a great trumpet player and teacher. He is able to communicate his ideas on brass technique in an enjoyable enthusiastic manor.

The clinic will be held on the evening of Saturday 18th December. We are looking to start it at around 5pm and have it run for about 3 hours, therefore finishing at 8pm. It will be completely FREE to anyone who wants to attend. We will also be looking to arrange an evening out after the event as well. It will be held in the Brighton area.

If you are interested in attending then please drop me an email ( or give me a call on 07789 057490. If you can let me know if you wish to attend the clinic asap as I will need to book a venue which will cater for the number of people in attendance.

Like I said before, Joe is a great teacher and any brass player will be able to learn something from him.

I look forward to hearing you responses.

Steve Muzio





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