December Update from Kidsgrove Scouts 

Kidsgrove Scouts auditions in DCI

On the weekend of the 25th/26th November two members from Kidsgrove Scouts auditioned for two different DCI World Champion corps to be a part of their 2007 season.

Stuart Hancock, has been a part of the corps since 1997, auditioned for the Madison Scouts snare line. He was successful in his audition and has been invited back to the December camp. Stu was really pleased with his performance throughout the weekend and is very much looking forward to getting back there in December.

Richard Gubby, Kidsgrove Scouts member since 2003 auditioned for the present World Champions The Cavaliers for a place in the colour guard. Again Rich was very pleased with the way he performed during the weekend and also has been invited back to their January camp. He also is very much looking forward to returning and continuing on his DC journey.

The whole of the Kidsgrove Scouts organisation are very proud of both of them and wish them the very best for the future.

November Progress.

During the month of November the corps has made exceptional progress in all sections. The corps has increased in size and quality in all sections, the progress made at rehearsals has been extremely successful and very satisfying for everyone involved.

The membership of the corps has nearly doubled from the numbers that we marched in 2006 with a mixture of older experienced members returning or joining the corps and our commitment to youth development in bringing youngsters through the ranks.

With all sections working towards the 2007 productions, anticipation in the whole organisation is at an all time high. Rob Swindells commented, “This is the most exciting start to a season that we have ever had, we just need to keep it going and the 2007 rollercoaster will be one hell of a ride.”

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