DCE Announce Attendees for
2007 Euro Championships 

Drum Corps Europe has presented the list of participants for the DCE Championships 2007. Many well-known top corps have once again signed up to compete for the European title, whilst a few interesting new participants will also be performing. This coming year will see drum corps competing from the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and Italy.

It was announced earlier that DCE has cut down slightly on the number of participants from 26 to 22. According to the organisation it would be better for both the participants as well as the spectators for the EC to begin at 10 AM (instead of 9 AM). The top 12 of the Open Class, the top 3 of the Percussion Class and the top 3 of the Cadet Class this year are automatically placed in next year's competition.

As they all signed up, DCE only had four 'wildcards' left to distribute. These were allocated to the Kidsgrove Scouts (UK), Millennium (Italy), Poynton Commodores (UK) and Fidele Vogelsanger (Germany). This results in the following list of participants:

Open Class
6th Hove Scouts (UK)
Beatrix (NL)
Black Knights (UK)
Distant Thunder (UK)
Federatieband (NL)
Fidele Vogelsanger (GER)
Jong-Holland (NL)
Jubal (NL)
Juliana (NL)
Kidsgrove Scouts (UK)
Millennium (IT)
Northern Star (UK)
Poynton Commodores (UK)
Senators (UK)
Starriders (GER)
Wölper Löwen (GER)

Percussion Class
DrumSpirit (BE)
Göteborg (SWE)
Rhythm Stars (NL)

Cadet Class
Jong Avalance (NL)
Jong Beatrix (NL)
Jong Jubal (NL)

The DCE Championships will be held on September 29th, 2007. Discussions are currently in progress regarding the location for 2007. DCE hope to provide clear details on this shortly.

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