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Fancy A DrumLine Battle?


What is DrumLine Battle. It is a program of Drum Corps International (DCI), bought to you in the United Kingdom by DCUK, and events showcase marching percussion ensembles of any instrumentation and any skill level year-round, spotlighting their unique talents and creativity in a high energy face-to-face competition

In 2019 DCUK is offering at all its contests the opportunity for DrumLines to battle it out and these can either be one on one off battles or even mini tournaments - Barnsley, Woking, Grantham, Telford and the  40th British Drum Corps Championships in Widnes - click here for dates and venue details.

Watch this video, featuring Mr John DeNovi of DCI being interviewed at our 2017 Championships, which gives a brief insight into DrumLine Battle and asks whether you think your line are up for the challenge :-) If this does look like something you would like to explore further then please get in touch with us

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30th May 2019



Drum Corps United Kingdom 2019
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