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DCUK and its Corps meet to look forward to 2021


As the summer draws to a close the 2020 Member Corps of DCUK held a Zoom Meeting recently, together with Board Members of DCUK and MPAUK, to give each other an update on their current status, how things are looking for the next few months and also share useful information (especially regarding COVID compliant rehearsals) with each other.

Whilst there is still a lot of uncertainty about how the coming months will pan out it was a very positive discussion which included DCUK confirming they are currently planning a 2021 season with the dates previously announced -

The Corps and the DCUK Board will continue to now meet every 6 weeks or so over the winter to keep in touch and also, if necessary, make any adjustments to plans that may be required as the 2021 season get closer.

Next weekend (Saturday 19th September) would have been the 41st British Drum Corps Championships and initial details have already been announced of a pre-recorded webcast being released on this day with all 2020 Corps featured plus a look back at the 2019 British Championships and more details will be announced soon.

12th September 2020



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