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New Board member for DCUK - Lee Jex




DCUK would like to welcome our newest Board Member to the team - Lee Jex.

Lee started drum lessons at Junior School & then joined 1st Cleethorpes BB band aged 12 to play tenors. Around a year later he attended his first DCUK finals in 1983. When he moved down to Kingston to do his Degree in late 1988 he joined Southern Knights from Brighton. He marched with Knights in 1989 & 1990 on Tenors which included both DCUK and a trip to the USA for the 1990 DCA Championships. In his age out year of 1991 he marched DCI with Boston Crusaders on cymbals along with his sister who was in the front ensemble (89-91). East Coast Elite was formed from the original BB band by Lee's Father, Tony, and he has continued to be involved with the Ensemble ever since. In recent years Lee has been very proud to volunteer on tour in the US when his daughters have marched DCI (Becca - Boston Crusaders 2017 and Jess - The Academy 2021).

It's great to have Lee on board as we work to rebuild the activity after 2 years of no shows due to the pandemic.

At this point we would also like to say a huge "Thank You" to Chris Gibbs who has now stood down from the DCUK Board. Chris has been involved with the activity (both Drum Corps & Winter Guard) for longer than most of us can remember. He rejoined the DCUK Board back in 2011 and we owe Chris a huge debt of gratitude for his dedication and support over the years. We are pleased to report that he will still be around and helping at events in the coming months.


3rd December 2021



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