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Results from DCUK Hinckley - 10th September 2023



After attending the DCUK contest early this summer, in July, as promised, I did return and exceptionally glad I did. Over those few weeks, which, if memory serves me right, also means a few weeks off rehearsing due to holidays and possibly adding members back in after they return to the UK following being part of a DCI Corps for the summer, the standard of the performances had really gone up.

The event, held at Leicester Road Football Ground in Hinckley, started just before midday with a British Youth Band Association contest and I got their just in time to see all bar one of these units and enjoyed the couple of different styles of band (traditional and showband/Drum Corps) performing. It was quite unseasonably humid and, just before the DCUK contest started, the weather looked like it might turn against us but thankfully just a few drops of rain – which helped take the heat out the air as well.

First on was Liberty from Northampton (4th Place 60.200). Great concept for this Corps as they used clock faces as scenery to nice effect for the Pocket Watch show. I understand their members are all under 18 years old (except the Drum Major) and this being the case they did a fantastic job of keeping me entertained through their whole performance. Great job.

Next to perform were East Coast Elite from Cleethorpes (2nd Place – 70.200). Loved the whole theming of this show which is all set around the Cluedo board game. These guys know how to use their electrics to great effect with really well integrated narrative introducing the “characters” and some nice melodic tunes – most of which I recognised. Neat little ending to their show with a tease to find out “who dun it” by going to the DCUK Finals in a couple of weeks time when all will be revealed.

Revolution from Queensbury were next up (3rd Place – 69.200). This video game themed show, entitled Level Up, has come on a lot with, what appeared to be, additional references to the concept helping make it a really fun packed show. The members of this Corps really do get involved which helps boost their performance levels and I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Glad I am not a Judge as splitting these and East Coast will not be easy and today saw a reversal of fortunes from the Coventry show so I reckon all to place for in two weeks time. 

Last to perform today were Beeches from Birmingham (1st Place- 76.750). With a huge Capitol backdrop, themed costumes/uniforms and a pre-show now added you could not fail to know this was based around the Hunger Games movies. This Corps looked like they meant business from the offset and had added quite a few subtle changes from the show I saw early in the summer – including a new “wrapping” that covered over the Capitol branding on the back drop part way through their show to hit home their theme – all which helped them keep a reasonably healthy lead in the rankings. Deserved winners today

I travelled home a well entertained Drum Corps fan and cannot wait to see how it all pans out in two weeks as the UK Drum Corps season draws to a close again.

Thank you once again to DCUK and show sponsors Beeches for providing me with a great afternoon of entertaining Drum Corps and I will be in Coventry, and hope many others will join me, for the DCUK Championships 2023 on Saturday 23rd September.

Report by Bernard T-GP



12th September 2023



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