An Extra Ordinary General meeting of the Members of Drum Corps United Kingdom was held on Sunday 20th March 2005. The vast majority of Corps and their representatives along with representatives of the DCUK Judges association were in attendance at the meeting to discuss issues pertaining to the future of the activity in the UK. 

The members of DCUK and its Board of trustees were in unanimous agreement that there is a clear and present threat to the stability of the junior Drum Corps activity in the United Kingdom. This threat specifically concerns itself with declarations by a group or groups to transform themselves into open age competitive Drum and Bugle Corps.

DCUK's reasonings are based on the following comprehensive but not exhaustive points 

1. Short-term decision making giving instant gratification that could well see the demise of corps in the long term;
2. While recruitment amongst the youth in the UK is proving ever more difficult, it is still a renewable source as opposed to recruiting from a dwindling pool of older individuals.
3. An apparent disregard or thought to young members who may well find it difficult to participate due to high costs and schooling commitments;
4. Trustees believe there are long-term implications for young members which have not been fully thought through by their leaders;
5. The approach and targeted recruiting of members of current DCUK Member organisations who are the future instructors and corps directors who we rely on to ensure the future of the drum corps youth activity;
6. The move could give strength to other open age corps in the UK, which could lead to further recruiting of members from DCUK.

The members of Drum Corps United Kingdom therefore as one declared itself as a membership group committed to upholding its constitutional aims and objectives in line with its classification lodged with the charity commissioners of England and Wales namely working with children and young people.

Further details of the meeting along with abbreviated minutes and further action plans will be posted both here and on the home page of this site during the next few days.

As Chairman I can assure all interested parties that DCUK will continue to vigorously explore all possible avenues of reconciliation with affected organisations and continue to court dialogue with all external bodies both home and abroad in an effort to avoid conflict and with a desire instead to improve cooperation and collaboration. 

For and on behalf of the Members of Drum Corps United Kingdom

Joe Fitzpatrick
Chairman (dcukchairman@aol.com) 21st March 2005







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