Press Release - 6th May

Senators join the Yamaha Family

The Senators are proud to announce that they are now a Yamaha artist.

After spending a long time forging a relationship with both Yamaha here in the UK and in the USA, the corps today took delivery of a full line of Sfz marching percussion.

The corps would like to thank the Yamaha's US marketing Manager Roger Eaton and Charles Bozon of Yamaha UK who made a huge effort to get the drums here in time for the LIVE Prime time TV unveiling on Top of the Pops tonight.

As a perfect show case, Gwen Stefani is also a Yamaha Artist and Yamaha worked with her to produce the drum sound on "Hollerback Girl". Yamaha also furnished Gwen Stefani with instruments for the video of her latest single.

"Gwen Stefani, Yamaha and the Senators make this the perfect showcase for these instruments," said John McNamara Senators Percussion Director from BBC TV centre today, "we look forward to promoting the Sfz range on live television tonight and in all our performances over the summer."

Full details of the products and the Yamaha relationship will follow on

Find more about Gwen Stefani's relationship with Yamaha on the Yamaha artists website.

Find more about Yamaha UK or Yamaha USA on their respective websites.







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