Lancers Celebrate Ten Years – A look back at how it began

The 8th June 2005 is ten years to the day that Stafford Lancers tentatively opened its doors for the first time!

So much has happened in that time which has seen the organisation develop into the largest independent youth group in Stafford and one of the finest Bands of its type in the UK!

Many months of planning had gone into the preparations for the launch of the Corps; putting in place a basic staff team, obtaining old second hand instruments and finally securing a venue from which to base the Corps. That came at Rising Brook Methodist Church, Stafford, originally we were given it on a six week basis to see if it would take off but which was to become the Corps base for the first four years of its existence!

An awareness campaign was launched followed by a leaflet drop (see leaflet) advertising an “Open Night” Corps Director Dave Milton stated “I remember the opening night very vividly, just getting everything ready inside the church hall and wondering if anyone at all would turn up”.

Well by 7.00pm there was a queue outside and Stafford Lancers was launched and up and running a week later with 12 founder members, two of which Jenna & Helen Riley are still marching and indeed now instructing with the Corps to this day.

Over the years hundreds of young people have come through the ranks and many great friendships have been made. One of those to is our current Musical Director Jason Howard who has been on the box for the Corps for much of it; he said “It’s amazing how ten years goes so quickly, but in that time the Lancers Organisation has grown from strength to strength.  I’ve seen the Corps evolve from a marching show band to the Drum Corps it is today, and I’m proud to be part of an organisation whose traditions and history is lived through ever member that joins.

Over ten years the Corps has performed at countless events and shows, been featured on BBC1, ITV1 & Channel Four. It has played to large crowds at superb venues throughout the Country and been an extended family for everyone who has ever been involved young and old alike!

Also still involved today is Assistant Corps Director and Brass Caption Head Emma Milton plus Learner Brass Instructor Simon Ward who we also thanks for their dedication and ongoing commitment to the young people that make up the Corps!

We would like to put on record at this point in time our thanks to everyone who has ever helped and contributed to the success of Stafford Lancers over the years and have helped make the organisation what it is today.

It’s fitting that our Tenth Birthday on 8th June should fall in the week the season starts at DCUK Leicester kicking off what is such a special year to us!

Pictured is the flyer sent out to advertise the formation of Stafford Lancers in 1995








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