Forgemen Drum for 128 hours!

On Wednesday 15th June 2005 at 6pm nine drummers from the Forgemen Drum and Bugle Corps percussion section completed 128 hours of non stop drumming.

They were Luke Hawley, Jason Leake, Ryan Smith, Danny Haynes, Scott Johnson, Rob Marshall, Oliver Kershaw-Dickson, Steven Ansell & Gregg Martin.

Lee Whitehead percussion caption head,(Laid in front) atempted the world solo drumming record but did not quite manage it. However he now holds the new british solo record at 70 hours.  A message from Lee:

"Thanks to everyone who has supported me and the lads over the last 5 days. You messages really kept us all going. A speical thanks to Lee C, Marie, Enid, Laura and a specail thanks to Joe Fitzpatrick for calling me at one of my lowest points and helping me through it."

Congratulations to everyone!


9th June 2005







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