DCUK Taskforce

4th – 6th November 2005

Many thanks to everyone who has volunteered to take part in the Task Force and for the many more who have so far contributed ideas for discussion.

Due to an overwhelming response, it has not been possible to accommodate all those who volunteered to take part in the Task Force.  The people listed below have been invited and agreed to attend, and DCUK are confident that the composition of the Task Force represents as wide a cross-section of the Drum Corps community as possible.

The suggestions for discussion items are also listed, in no particular order.  However, the Task Force welcome more ideas and suggestions between now and November so that a wide-ranging and comprehensive review of the UK Drum Corps activity can take place. 

Please be sure to post your ideas and suggestions on the Task Force Forum or email taskforce@dcuk.org.uk

Task Force Attendees

Facilitator: Roger Steele                              

Administrator: Jill Boyington

Chairman: Joe Fitzpatrick                                    

Treasurer: Nigel Brown

Gavin Johnson                         

Alan Thompson                     

Paul Morgan                                                                         

Steve Muzio

John McNamara                    

Rob Swindells                       

Ed Baker

Phil Martin

Doug Caldwell                        

Danny Palmer                           

Chris Eaton

Jon Bilby

Task Force Discussion Topics

Age limits of members
     Overage spots
     Open age
     Maximum age of 25
Community based units and events
Season structure and composition -
     Summer season
     Winter season
Individuals & Ensembles
Indoor percussion
Contesting rules
Co-operation with other organisations
Retention of members
Retention of staff
Leadership training and qualifications
Child protection
Regional support groups
Drum Corps as a sport?
Drum Corps United Kingdom – is this the right name?
Classes, i.e. Open, A Class, Junior, Cadets
Promotion/demotion between classes
Movement of Members Rule
Social events/previews and non-competitive interaction
Finding new audiences and venue
Appealing to ex-members

Please… keep those ideas coming!  The Task Force is about looking at YOUR activity and how it should operate in the future.  If you have a view then post it on the Forum!








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