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Press Release

The Senators Drum and Bugle Corps based in Eastleigh Hampshire have released a new look website for 2006. The site builds on the information and news service which was previously available and in addition has many new exciting features for new and returning visitors including music downloads and testimonials along with member case studies and performance reports.

Joe Fitzpatrick, Director of the Senators explains the drive and thought process behind the new approach for Senators Internet presence.

“Since its inception and in line with the many other marching band sites our previous website served the members more than the wider world at large and had an inward looking emphasis. I along with senior colleagues wanted to change that. We had embraced a new vision of at the end of 2004 in that we believed that the members of the Senators dissevered more than just competition. That has been an extremely successful journey thus far but in order to take it further we believed we needed to have a real look at our image and our marketing strategy to the world outside the marching band and drum corps bubble that we were living in.

The main reasons for the overhaul was to take another evolutionary step in transforming the Senators organisation from a competitively focused and extremely successful Drum and Bugle Corps into an organisation which can undertake and excel at many different and diverse performance opportunities thus adding value to our members experiences of this great marching music activity while further developing the proven formula of success on the competition field.

The initial remit and objective of the new website was to encompass and develop a more commercially appealing, outward looking publicity portal for the Senators organisation. It was a major part of the brief that we promote the organisation to as many interested parties as was possible. Including Event Promoters, Booking Agents, DC Fans, Alumni and the current membership.

I believe we now have the best of both worlds with a main site that is clean, attractive with a self-explanatory view of the Senators organisation. The site also now has a business-like corporate feel and presence.

In an addition there is now a members section of the site for all the different program elements which contain Corps forums, downloads, schedules, links to other popular sites along with a news and memo service which will further improve the communication between all members of the Senators without the need for compromising the corporate or public image of the Senators to our potential suitors.

The site clearly explains in non Drum Corps language who the Senators are, what we do and whom we cater for from a membership perspective. Particularly with what we term as our member profiles or case studies. This will without doubt aid our recruitment in all the areas of the organisation.

It also identifies the Senators as an organisation with a track record of performing at many prestigious events throughout the UK and mainland Europe and further consolidates the message that no matter what we are contracted and agree to do we are inventive, creative, flexible and reliable when dealing with organisations that choose to engage with us.”

The revamped website was created primarily by Kev Smith a long standing member of the Senators. A number of the Senators staff and members aided Kev with the content, feel and production of the site.

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