Cadence, Guildford Expands Big Time!

During the Autumn and Winter months Cadence, Guildford, have undergone a huge recruitment drive.  With door to door leaflets, four school assemblies and a live show on BBC Southern Counties Radio our numbers have grown from around 18 to about 62 youngsters!  This obviously has been hard work with so many brand new kids and making sure that they all have an instrument.  However, these have both been achieved and we have also added three more staff to their line up.

In the 2006 season we hope to complete a full DCUK and BYBA calendar as well as local school fetes. There will also be a brand new website and a brand new uniform.  All this will cost much money and at the end of January we are having a big parents' night to show them just what it is all about and our hopes and aims for the future of Cadence.

All in all very exciting times ahead for us all here at Cadence, Guildford.

Paul Newman

Corps Director








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