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Results from the 2005 Task Force – taking drum corps into the future and beyond………


Below is a list of the proposals and recommendations made by the DCUK Taskforce which met in November 2005 .  The Taskforce members put their proposals and recommendations to the DCUK Board of Trustees on 4th December following the DCUK Annual General Meeting.  At the Board of Trustees meeting on 7th January 2006 the Trustees considered and decided whether to accept the proposals or otherwise.

Below is a list of each task force proposal and in bold the DCUK Board of Trustees final decision.


That an Annual Report on the activities and services provided by DCUK shall be produced to coincide with the Annual General Meeting – this is already in progress and the 2005 Annual Report has been completed and sent out.


That a Mission Statement be adopted which should appear on all DCUK publicity and information materials.  The statement to read:

“DCUK provides accessibility to environments and performances that facilitate the growth in life skills, social benefits and education of young people throughout  the United Kingdom in Performance Arts.  We are quite simply, a Sport of the Arts.”

This was accepted and the Mission Statement would be used with immediate affect.


That some proposals for a re-designed DCUK logo and strap-line be considered and, if agreed, one  be accepted to project a more modern image of the organisation. It was agreed by the Board of Trustees that this was a major change to the public perception and identity of DCUK.  Following discussion it was agreed that this matter should be carefully considered and further designs have therefore been requested, to be examined at the April Board meeting.


a) That the “pack” of materials issued to prospective members of DCUK be reviewed and updated as thought necessary to project a more comprehensive and attractive incentive to membership – this is  already in progress by the DCUK Administrator.

b)  That the system of pre-membership advisory visits by local members of the Board of Trustees should be formalised as a pre-requirement to membership of DCUK.  Agreed and the DCUK Administrator to co-ordinate such meetings.


That a further study be undertaken to investigate the opportunities for education within the activity at various levels.  This to include training for those “ageing-out” at the age of 25 to offer and explain the options available.  The Board agreed this should be linked further to the British Federation of Youth Marching Band Organisations’ ongoing programme of development in this vitally important area.


That a study be undertaken to consider the viability of Summer Schools for DCUK member units. Jon Bilby, a member of the 2005 Task Force tasked with developing this area, is to provide a more detailed proposal including costs, dates, venue information at the April board meeting.


That the current DCUK Website Discussion Group be terminated and replaced by a “News Service”. The Trustees agreed that the password system would be changed and that those using the  discussion group will now need a password to enter the discussion group (rather than to leave a posting as it is now).  It is hoped that this will ‘clean up’ the website to outsiders and young members.  Steve Muzio, a DCUK Trustee and member of the Taskforce, offered to search other websites on an on-going basis and find news items for the DCUK website to ensure news is kept up to date. The Board accepted his offer.


That a Knowledge Bank of persons able to offer advice and guidance on drum corps matters be assembled and offered for access to DCUK member units via a password-controlled web page.  The Board agreed for DCUK and WGUK member units to have a password to access information from the website.  This password would be sent to corps/guard directors and would change each year.  The Chairman and Deputy Chairman to ask for references from those people who have volunteered their name for the Knowledge Bank.


That an annual meeting of member units’ Corps Directors be instituted at an appropriate point.  This idea was accepted and the first meeting to be held on 29th April.  Roger Steele and Keith Morris to draft the agenda for the day. If any Corps Directors have any items they wish to discuss or add to the agenda then please contact Roger or Keith via the DCUK Office.


a)  That amendments be made to the current competitive class structure to provide three classes that would be self-selected and would be separated by ability and/or experience rather than age.

This was voted upon by the Trustees :  12 in favour and 1 against.  The proposal was therefore accepted and all classes (excluding Cadet) will be based on ability.

b)  That the existing Cadet class be retained in its present form but that the maximum age limit rule be reviewed.  Agreed

c)  That the DCUK competitive classes be renamed Premiership (currently Open); Championship (currently Class “A”) and Division 1 (replacing Junior Class which would cease to exist).

The proposal was changed to Division 1, Division 2 and Division 3 and voted upon:  4 in favour; 7 against and 2 abstaining.  It was then proposed the change be to Premiership; Championships and A Class and voted upon:  5 in favour; 5 again and 3 abstaining.  The Chairman cast the deciding vote against the proposal, making it 5 in favour; 6 again and 3 abstaining.  As the Trustees were unable at this stage to decide on new titles for the classes it was decided to leave the titles as they are: Open / A Class and Junior Class until the October meeting and in good time for the 2007 season.


That the rules on instrumentation be changed to permit any form of wind instrumentation across all competitive classes with the proviso that all groups must comprise : a wind section; a percussion section and a colour guard and should perform in the drum corps style as accepted by the majority of the membership

The Trustees voted on the following amendment to the above proposal

That rules on instrumentation be changed to permit any form of brass instrumentation across all competitive classes (excluding cadet) with the proviso that all groups must comprise:  a brass section; a percussion section and a colour guard.  The Trustees voted 11 in favour and 2 against.

A vote was taken by Trustees to determine whether this change would take place in 2006 or 2007.  The Trustees unanimously voted in favour of bringing it in 2006. The new ruling will therefore come into force for the 2006 season.


That the “cut-off” date for age qualification (Rule 1e) be amended to 31st December of the year following the date of Finals.  To be discussed at the April meeting.


That a study be undertaken to explore further opportunities for (non-competitive) performance opportunities for ensembles during both winter and summer periods.  This is happening at many of the WGUK shows with winter percussion ensembles and will be encouraged although monitored to ensure the emphasis on the day remains with the guards.


That all possible opportunities be taken to further relationships with parallel groups and organisations through whatever means are available to DCUK.  This to include relationships with groups and organisations on mainland Europe, in North America and in any other countries where drum corps-style activities are developing.  This continues to improve over time.


That the existing Movement of Members Rules remain in place but that advice guidelines should be prepared which would assist Corps Directors in the intended interpretation of these rules.  Glyn Boyington, a long serving DCUK Trustee with considerable experience in this area, is to revise the guidance alongside the revision of the rules and regulations booklet.


That DCUK puts in place plans to hold a similar general review of its activities and policies on a more regular basis.  A maximum period of 5 years between such reviews is recommended.  This was agreed but the board would continually review the activities and policies on a yearly basis.  It was requested that winterguard have a more active role in the next task force.









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