Agreement for Open Age units wishing to participate in DCUK / BYBA

As previously announced we are now able to make available below a copy of the agreement approved by DCUK, BYBA and Northern Star in relation to Open Age Corps based within the UK.

Due to the perceived threat and potential conflicting interests of open age units within the youth marching activity in the UK, it has been agreed that should any such unit wish to hold membership of either BYBA or DCUK, the unit should agree to uphold the principles of the youth activity. To ensure that those principles are upheld, an agreement is required to safeguard all concerned parties. Membership does not wholly constitute a competitive nature, and can be passive in this respect.

The unit must agree to abide by the following conditions:

· The open age unit will not recruit from or make approaches to any member of a band or corps currently in membership with either BYBA or DCUK.
· Should any member attempt to join, the open age unit will decline the individuals’ membership and inform the respective organisation(s) of the approach.
· In the eventuality that any such member approaches the unit, they would not be accepted as a member of the open age unit without the agreement of the members’ corps director. Should the member utilise their respective organisation's appeals process, then all parties agree to accept the conclusion of the appeal.
· Should the unit wish to enter into competition within either the BYBA or DCUK competition circuits, the unit should abide by the age rules laid out by the respective organisation(s).
· Should there be movement of members away from the open age unit members of all BYBA and DCUK units will reciprocate the terms of this agreement.

The above agreement is formulated by both BYBA and DCUK to protect the interests of the youth activity and will be entered into by any open age units regardless of which ever of the organisations they are attempting to gain affiliation with.

By entering into this agreement both BYBA and DCUK will support any Open age unit by not canvassing to exclude them from events and schedules under their direct supervision or control, and thus in effect provide appropriate support where relevant.







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