Statement from Muremo

DCUK have been asked by the organiser of the Glassmen event to post the following statement as a News Item

On february 25th J P RATAJCZAK (MUREMO) the europe eventmanager for the Glassmen d&b corps the decision NOT to do a contest on the 2nd of july.

Reason was that I as the the only person (even when it was a contest) was taking the whole financial risk for the event and working with a professional Glassmen team had to give them all their europe tour details by beginning of march .

BLAMES for not having a DCUK or a combined BYBA/DCUK contest are for me PERSONALLY.

I want to thank TONY PATRICK (BYBA) and GAVIN JOHNSON (DCUK) for their tremendous efforts to realise a combined contest on the 2nd of july but MUREMO and the british federations didn't had the same view on judges and open age corps.

MUREMO/DYNASTY are supporting drum corps in europe and the UK ( either cadet , junior or senior ) and we will and won't NEVER interfear or control decisions made by corps.  
So we couldn't punish Northern star or Senators by not letting them in the event

ONE THING IS SURE and I want to take any blame on me

ALL DCUK corps (by the exception of the cadet corps) were invited by myself as agreed with DCUK to come to this event on a non competing base
CONCORD, PHOENIX, POYNTON COMMODORES, STAFFORDSHIRE KNIGHTS, SQUIRES and STATESIDE for playing in the early afternoon before the clinic of Glassmen.
The other DCUK corps (DCUK open class and A class winners and runners up) and the BYBA premier and second division winners and runners up are playing in the evening.

As Glassmen are travelling overnight on the first of july from Belgium to Peterborough were they will arrive somewhere in the morning on the 2nd of july they want to sleep a couple of hours and then prepare their FREE clinic which they are doing for ALL the marchingmembers (DCUK, BYBA, TYMBA or other organisations)

Till 5PM the whole event is free and NOBODY is forcing ANYBODY to spent their money to come to watch the late afternoon and evening programm so I can earn a lot of money on it (drumcorps people will know how much it cost to pay all the expenses for a full 135 DCI corps plus the venues etc.etc.)

"I" hope strongly that people with a NON respectful attitude towards a DCUK or a DCI drumcorps don't show up.

I want to apologize once more to ALL of those for screwing up their season and I want to say "THANK YOU" for the positive drumcorpssupport to the 800 people who bought already a ticket for the 2nd of July show








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