Southern Aurora Announcement

I regret to announce that Southern Aurora have withdrawn from competition for the foreseeable future.

After a series of set backs in the past two months, it has become clear that the show we had written cannot be performed by the members we have. Whilst we could have pushed the members to a level of performance, the members have made it clear that they are not enjoying the show, and so would not enjoy the competitive season.

Southern Aurora have always been around for the long term, and so rather than focus on a short term competitive goal, we have decided to focus on the longer term, and ensure we motivate the existing members by focussing on fun, enjoyment, social activities as well as musical education. Therefore, our short and medium term plans will be to recruit new members and build the foundations again for the future.

I am pleased to find that in these circumstances the enthusiasm from members, staff, parents and supporters alike remains high, and so I am confident that we can enter a rebuilding process to ensure we compete again next year and in future years.

Southern Aurora will still attend drum corps events during this season to show our support to other corps, and we would like to wish all corps a successful and enjoyable season.

Ian Lyall
Corps Director
18th May 2006 







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