Could you be the World's Fastest Drummer?

On Saturday 30th September, in association with Drummerbuzz/WFDUK, the official licensee for the UK and Parts of Europe to run WFD™ / Extreme Sport Drumming™ events, Drum Corps United Kingdom (DCUK) will be giving you the chance to become a World Champion by taking part in the 'Battle of the Hands™' contest.

The contest: To play as many Single Strokes within 60 seconds, either Traditional or Matched Grip. Various techniques accepted including Moeller, however no buzzing or presses allowed as any hint of these will lead to disqualification. They don't have to be played equidistantly in other words - participants may choose to slow down in order to rest their arms, but are not allowed to stop as this will end their run.

The measuring instrument for WFD contests is the Drumometer Model 2. The counter is triggered by the first stroke to the pad and automatically ends with a loud 'beep' when the 60 seconds are up, even if the participant continues to play. This is an extremely accurate machine and is the only instrument by which the WFD allow measurement for the ranking tables and score acceptance.

The proceedings will be overseen and adjudicated by the World's Faster Drummer official invigilator Ed Freitas, the founder of Drummerbuzz

The event will take place at The Pirelli Stadium, home to Burton Albion Football Club and forms part of the British Drum Corps Championships, the culmination of 3 months hard contest for the UK's top Drum & Bugle Corps.  5 hours of marching band entertainment which will also decide the UK Champion Drum Corps for 2006.

ANYONE is eligible to take part (no age limits and open to non DCUK members) and registration will take place on the day at a cost of £2 (£1 for each subsequent attempt) plus the normal DCUK Championships spectator's entrance fee (for Championships ticket details click here).

'Welcome to the longest
60 seconds of your life!'

16th August 2006







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