DCUK Celebrates 25 Year of Drum Corps!!

2004 British Drum Corps Championships Spectacular

To mark the end of DCUK 25th Anniversary Celebrations a reunion of uniforms of all corps that have been registered with DCUK over the past 25 years is being planned.

For this to be a success with need YOUR help!

At this year's Championships is that as many people as possible dressed in a uniform of a corps once registered with DCUK will follow the 2004 registered Open Class Corps marching on for retreat. Each of these individuals will then be invited to join the 2004 Open Class corps to play the National Anthem.

Approximately 180 corps have been registered at some time over the past 25 years - if you have a uniform from your marching days or know anyone who has marched DCUK and may have a uniform them please contact the DCUK Office with details.

Only one uniform from each corps is required and even if you have a uniform but no-one can fit into it any more then let us have the uniform and will find the body!This has the potential to be an amazing sight and experience for everyone - please contact Jill Boyington if you can help - sec@dcuk.org.uk - DCUK will be trying to contact as many past corps directors/contacts as possible using old corps directories but realise many people will no longer be at the addresses listed. Your help is vital!


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