Senators Drum And Bugle and DCUK 2006

The Senators Drum and Bugle Corps from Eastleigh Hampshire and Drum Corps United Kingdom are pleased to confirm that the Corps will be taking an active role within the DCUK 2006 summer calendar.

The Corps will however not be participating in the competitive arena at DCUK shows, they will instead be performing in exhibition and honouring all commitments made to date by the corps to DCUK with regards to participation.

The Senators will be registering all members and staff as per the DCUK rules and regulations and will abide with all relevant DCUK rules regarding membership including charitable status, movement of members and the recently drafted agreement jointly formulated by DCUK pertaining to Open Age marching organisations.

The Senators Director Joe Fitzpatrick commented:

As many people will know the Senators Drum and Bugle Corps have for some time now been following a pre-determined strategy which does not rely on the singular goal of competition for competitions sake. The Senators organisation is evolving and transforming itself into an inclusive Drum Corps organisation that can cater for young and not so young alike.

Our commitment to youth is stronger now than it has ever been with over 35 members in our junior and cadets units along with members as young as 11 taking an active involvement in the actual Drum Corps itself.

This is a new era for the Senators organisation where performance, enjoyment and entertainment will not be sacrificed for the sake of competitive success. A degree of competition as part of any units profile is a healthy thing but an over reliance and dependence on it has proved over recent years with many organisations be the slippery slope to oblivion.

I believe that just being there and being able to perform is enough and I don’t believe for a second that the Senators not competing will have any effect on the intensity of the competition in any of the classes within DCUK, In fact it might just bring us a more competitive series of events with more closely aligned units vying for position and the lure of a brand new name on the DCUK Championship trophy come October ” 

The Senators commitment to Drum Corps United Kingdom has never been in question as we see DCUK has the administrative and spiritual guardian of the Drum Corps Activity in the United Kingdom and to this end we believe that it is our duty to support the activity in as best a way that will benefit the Senators, the paying public and drum corps supporters who attend DCUK shows throughout the UK.

The Corps will be performing in exhibition at the following Drum Corps United Kingdom events throughout the summer of 2006.

16th July - Barnsley  

23rd July - Aldershot  

17t  September - Newport

30th/1st October - The DCUK Championships.

The Senators are grateful to the officers of Drum Corps United Kingdom for their understanding and willingness to listen and accommodate the Senators Drum and Bugle Corps.

A full schedule of events, rehearsals and membership requirements along with more detail and comment with regards to DCUK’s and the Senators plans for 2006 will be posted on the 







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