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Drum Corps United Kingdom, part of Marching & Performing Arts UK, is a charitable youth organisation which seeks to promote and support its member Drum and Bugle Corps within the United Kingdom.

The basic concept is that of playing an entertaining musical programme of their own choice and performing a field show of precision marching, dance and other choreographed movement.

Established in 1980, DCUK currently has a membership of Drum Corps spread geographically right across the country. Details of past and current members can be found under UK Drum Corps Directory.

Corps pay an annual membership fee and in return the Corps receive services and information from the DCUK Board.

Services provided include:

To apply for a Membership Pack (available on CD) fill in the contact form here


Competition Structure

DCUK organises Drum Corps contests throughout the summer for corps of all experience and abilities. To cater for the full range of standards, contests are split into three classes:

International Open Class (IOC)
National Open Class (NOC)
National Junior Class (NJC)

The IOC and NOC classes are divisional classes based primarily on performance standard with no age restrictions. A self selection process is used to determine which class corps wish to compete in.

The NJC is a competitive class but with an age restriction with an emphasis on young performers.

Membership Requirements


Membership of DCUK is open to all British Drum and Bugle Corps as defined in the rules of the organisation. Interested potential members should initially contact the DCUK Board for an information pack and application form.

On receipt of their application, Corps will be contacted by the local member of the DCUK Board who will arrange to visit or have an informal chat, to answer any questions and to offer advice. There is no audition or "standards" qualification for membership.


To apply for a Membership Pack (available on CD) fill in the contact form here