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Music Gold in 2012 - London 2012 Inspire Mark

Click here>> 14th December 2011

DCUK 2012 - Corps registrations so far

Click here>> 7th December 2011

Horizon join forces with Commodores for 2012

Click here>> 5th December 2011

DCUK show venues for 2012 announced

Click here>> 1st December 2011

Registration for DCUK 2012 now open

Click here>> 1st December 2011

Beeches 2012 - Show Announcement

Click here>> 29th November 2011

Spring Preview - Initial Announcement

Click here>> 29th November 2011

DCUK announce class structure for 2012

Click here>> 18th November 2011

DCUK announce draft contest dates for 2012

Click here>> 15th November 2011

The Company 2012: 'Red Riding Hood'

Click here>> 14th November 2011

NeXus equipment  truck found!

Click here>> 4th November 2011

The Horizon Corps prepare for 2012

Click here>> 4th November 2011

Registration started for 2012 DCE Championships

Click here>> 1st November 2011

NeXus equipment truck stolen

Click here>> 31st October 2011

Spirit of Coventry plan two Corps for 2012

Click here>> 27th October 2011

The USA look forward to Kidsgroves return

Click here>> 27th October 2011

Margaret Doe - Guardsmen

Click here>> 19th October 2011

It's official, Drum Corps comes back to Essex

Click here>> 17th October 2011

The Company Indoor Percussion 2012

Click here>> 13th October 2011

Brian Yothers succeeds Douglas Caldwell as DCE Adjudication Manager

Click here>> 11th October 2011

Concord presents 'Volo di Fantasia'

Click here>> 10th October 2011

DCUK on the Radio this weekend!

Click here>> 5th October 2011

Conquest Alliance 25th Year Reunion

Click here>> 30th September 2011

DCE 2011 - First European title for The Company

Click here>> 26th September 2011

DCUK Membership Meeting - Saturday 15th October

Click here>> 21st September 2011

UK Corps to perform on Friday night at DCE

Click here>> 21st September 2011

DCUK Championships 2011 - Pre-Order the DVD today

Click here>> 20th September 2011

DCUK Championships - Kidsgrove repeat last years success and Revolution win A Class

Click here>> 19th September 2011

DCUK Championships - Updates on Facebook

Click here>> 16th September 2011

DCN Championships - ended early due to weather

Click here>> 11th September 2011

Midwestern Sweep at DCA Championships

Click here>> 5th September 2011

Leicester Contest - 4th September - Results

Click here>> 4th September 2011

Watch the DCA Prelims competition live from USA

Click here>> 26th August 2011

Olympic Update by Federation - Urgent

Click here>> 19th August 2011

Concord -Volo di Fantasia names "Gold" sponsor

Click here>> 18th August 2011

Four French join Black Knights 2011

Click here>> 17th August 2011

The Cadets win 10th DCI World Championships

Click here>> 15th August 2011

DCUK Championships 2011 - Box Office Now Open

Click here>> 8th August 2011

DCUK Championships 2011 - Box Office Opens 8th August

Click here>> 3rd August 2011

Cheshire Cadets become The Horizon Corps

Click here>> 19th July 2011

Concord takes to the World stage

Click here>> 18th July 2011

Warrington Contest - 17th July - Results

Click here>> 17th July 2011

Grantham Contest - 3rd July - Results

Click here>> 3rd July 2011

Kidsgrove Scouts announce 2012 DCA tour schedule

Click here>> 2nd July 2011

Kidsgrove Scouts - The Summit Begins

Click here>> 21st June 2011

New Corps to be launched in Essex

Click here>> 14th June 2011

Music Gold for 2012

Click here>> 9th June 2011

The Revolution Continues…..DCUK

Click here>> 30th May 2011

NEWS FLASH.......brought to you by THE COMPANY

Click here>> 24th May 2011

Support our overseas partners

Click here>> 24th May 2011

Brass Impact & Guests in Support of Milly's Journey

Click here>> 5th May 2011

DCE Championships ticket sales start on 1st May

Click here>> 1st May 2011

Drum Corps World online from 2nd May

Click here>> 21st April 2011

2011 DCUK Show Entries Announced

Click here>> 20th April 2011

Cheshire Cadets have a new Corps Director 

Click here>> 6th April 2011

Olympic Update by British Federation - Marching For Gold

Click here>> 5th April 2011

Drum Corps World is going online

Click here>> 18th March 2011

DCUK 2011 - Corps so far & Contest update

Click here>> 1st February 2011

2011 Northern Preview in Sheffield

Click here>> 29th January 2011

Concord - Volo di Fantasia 2011

Click here>> 29th January 2011

The Company at 'Dancing on Ice'

Click here>> 12th January 2011

Register for DCUK 2011

Click here>> 10th January 2011

Get ready to register for DCUK 2011

Click here>> 9th January 2011

Band GB at New Years Day Parade

Click here>> 5th January 2011

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