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Cadence announce exciting Percussion deal

Click here>> 17th December 2014

Eight UK units to attend 2015 DCE Championships

Click here>> 15th December 2014

DCUK 2015 - Membership and venue update

Click here>> 12th December 2014

First European DCI SoundSport event scheduled for Bristol

Click here>> 11th December 2014

Nexus announce 2015 show

Click here>> 5th December 2014

Registration for DCUK 2015 now open

Click here>> 3rd December 2014

Registration for DCUK 2015 opens on 3rd December

Click here>> 28th November 2014

2015 Thurrock Marching Brass Summer Program Announcement

Click here>> 28th November 2014

UK Marching Band Alliance

Click here>> 28th November 2014

DCUK confirm details for 2015 season shows

Click here>> 27th November 2014

DCUK 2014 Championships DVD/Blu-Ray arrived

Click here>> 20th November 2014

The Company 2015: ‘Voyage Spectacle’

Click here>> 3rd November 2014

Cadence present their 2015 summer programme

Click here>> 30th October 2014

East Coast Elite present Pandora's Box for 2015

Click here>> 22nd October 2014

Kidsgrove Scouts announce 2015 show

Click here>> 20th October 2014

Membership Meeting - Saturday 22nd November 2014

Click here>> 10th October 2014

Concord receives Royal recognition

Click here>> 7th October 2014

The Company win the DCE Championships

Click here>> 29th September 2014

Pre-order the DCUK 2014 Championships DVD/Blu-Ray

Click here>> 24th September 2014

DCUK Championships crowns 3 Champions

Click here>> 23rd September 2014

DCE Championships tickets sales close 23rd Sept

Click here>> 22nd September 2014

World Record broken at DCUK Essex

Click here>> 22nd September 2014

DCUK Prelims on Fan Network

Click here>> 18th September 2014

Concord 30th Anniversary celebration evening

Click here>> 28th August 2014

Andy Bradbury

Click here>> 16th August 2014

Blue Devils win 16th DCI World title

Click here>> 12th August 2014

DCUK Essex - 7th Sept - Buy tickets on line

Click here>> 1st August 2014

Help us promote the 2014 DCUK Championships

Click here>> 31st July 2014

DCUK 2014 Championships Box Office opens on 14th July

Click here>> 9th July 2014

The COMPANY and Thurrock Marching Brass take honours at Woking

Click here>> 2nd July 2014

Midlands Percussion Clinic - August 14

Click here>> 1st July 2014

Follow the DCUK 2014 season on The UK Fan Network

Click here>> 16th June 2014

2014 season off to a flying start at Bradford

Click here>> 16th June 2014

Liberty Show Announcement 2014

Click here>> 2nd June 2014

Juliana coming to the United Kingdom

Click here>> 22nd May 2014

Thurrock Marching Brass to host DCUK Essex show in Thurrock

Click here>> 21st May 2014

DCUK 2014 - Show Entries

Click here>> 1st May 2014

Thurrock Marching Brass lead St Georges Day Parade

Click here>> 28th April 2014

Get your tickets for DCE Championships even sooner

Click here>> 14th April 2014

Thurrock Marching Brass 2014

Click here>> 7th April 2014

Mike Wilkes

Click here>> 21st March 2014

DCUK member Corps in 2014

Click here>> 13th March 2014

13th July contest venue changed

Click here>> 12th March 2014

37th Kingswood : Show announcement 2014

Click here>> 7th March 2014

Kidsgrove Scouts returning to USA in 2015

Click here>> 3rd March 2014

Cadence Show Announcement 2014

Click here>> 29th January 2014

World Record attempt at Romford DCUK contest

Click here>> 6th January 2014

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