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Registration now open for the 2016 DCUK season

Click here>> 21st December 2015

The UK Fan Network is back on 21st December

Click here>> 18th December 2015

The DCUK 2016 season shows

Click here>> 18th December 2015

East Coast Elite announce 2016 production

Click here>> 17th December 2015

Seven countries represented at DCE Championships 2016

Click here>> 15th December 2015

Kidsgrove Scouts return to DCA in 2017

Click here>> 19th November 2015

DCUK 2015 Championships DVD/Blu-Ray now available

Click here>> 17th November 2015

The Company announce plans to travel to USA in 2017

Click here>> 11th October 2015

Pre-order the DCUK 2015 Championships DVD/Blu-Ray

Click here>> 30th September 2015

Kidsgrove Scouts are crowned European Champions

Click here>> 28th September 2015

DrumLine Battle™ success at DCUK Championships

Click here>> 23rd September 2015

DCUK crown the 2015 British Champions

Click here>> 22nd September 2015

DCUK to host first British DrumLine Battle

Click here>> 14th September 2015

Welcome home to Kidsgrove Scouts

Click here>> 9th September 2015

Kidsgrove Scouts arrive in the USA for DCA World Championships

Click here>> 25th August 2015

Southern Knights celebrate 25th Anniversary of DCA trip

Click here>> 25th August 2015

Advance ticket sales for DCUK Essex now open

Click here>> 1st August 2015

End of the first half in Leicester - a review

Click here>> 29th July 2015

DCUK rolls into town in Leicester - a review

Click here>> 23rd July 2015

DCUK & Cadence present an International Summer Spectacular - a review

Click here>> 15th July 2015

International Summer Spectacular - My thoughts

Click here>> 14th July 2015

DCUK 2015 Championships Box Office now open

Click here>> 10th July 2015

Featherstone contest - Show report and results

Click here>> 16th June 2015

Blue Devils International Corps Clinic

Click here>> 5th June 2015

Nexus withdraw from 2015 contest season

Click here>> 21st May 2015

Ticket sales now available for International Summer Spectacular on 4th July

Click here>> 11th May 2015

37th Kingswood 2015 show announcement

Click here>> 10th May 2015

Blue Devils International coming to the UK

Click here>> 3rd May 2015

Which Corps Will You See Where In 2015?

Click here>> 13th April 2015

DCI joins with European counterparts to engage more people in lifelong music-making activities

Click here>> 1st April 2015

Excitement builds for UKs first SoundSport show

Click here>> 20th March 2015

International Corps enter 'Summer Spectacular' in Woking

Click here>> 13th March 2015

SoundSport, Bristol - Over half of the Centre Block tickets sold

Click here>> 5th March 2015

DCI SoundSport Bristol Tickets now on sale

Click here>> 17th February 2015

A-Plus Drum Line launched in Sheffield

Click here>> 13th February 2015

Comets PE announce 2015 production

Click here>> 12th February 2015

SoundSport Bristol announces line-up

Click here>> 3rd February 2015

Cadence 2015 Update and Staff Announcement

Click here>> 28th January 2015

DCUK 2014 Championships now on UK Fan Network

Click here>> 28th January 2015

SoundSport Bristol continues to grow

Click here>> 22nd January 2015

Knights Academy - Field and Floor FX announced as Official Visual Partners

Click here>> 2nd January 2015

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