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2017 NEWS

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Plans progressing for Euro DC Championships 2018

Click here>> 23rd December 2017

DCUK 2018 - Registration Open

Click here>> 1st December 2017

DCUK 2018 - Contest details

Click here>> 22nd November 2017

Beeches 2018 Show announcement

Click here>> 2nd November 2017

Kidsgrove Scouts announce 2018 production

Click here>> 2nd November 2017

Drum Corps Europe cease operations

Click here>> 19th October 2017

DrumLine Battle success at DCUK Championships

Click here>> 5th October 2017

European Drum Corps Championships result

Click here>> 5th October 2017

Ann & John Legon - Thank You

Click here>> 4th October 2017

Beeches & NeXus continue partnership into 2018

Click here>> 3rd October 2017

Pre-order the DCUK 2017 DVD/BluRay now

Click here>> 26th September 2017

The Company and Concord retain their crowns in 2017

Click here>> 24th September 2017

DCUK Championships 2017 - LIVE WEBCAST

Click here>> 21st September 2017

DCUK Hall of Fame Inductees 2017

Click here>> 18th September 2017

DCUK Championships 17 - timetable and information released

Click here>> 14th September 2017

Success in USA for Kidsgrove Scouts

Click here>> 7th September 2017

DCUK sponsor International Meeting at DCI Championships

Click here>> 23rd August 2017

DCUK "appear" in every DCI World Championships performance

Click here>> 17th August 2017

The Company - success in USA

Click here>> 16th August 2017

DCUK Leicester - 16th July - Results and Recaps

Click here>> 28th July 2017

DCUK introduces Hall Of Fame

Click here>> 20th July 2017

DCUK Championships 2017 Box Office now open

Click here>> 10th July 2017

SoundSport results from Woking Contest - 2nd July

Click here>> 7th July 2017

DCUK Woking - 2nd July - Results and Recaps

Click here>> 6th July 2017

Compete on the World stage from your home town

Click here>> 6th July 2017

DCUK Championships 2017 Box Office open 10th July

Click here>> 5th July 2017

Report and full recaps from Barnsley contest - 18th June 2017 

Click here>> 30th June 2017

Contest Sunday 10th September - venue change 

Click here>> 30th June 2017

SoundSport at the Brigade Showcase

Click here>> 10th June 2017

Line up announced for the Essex indoor event - 6th May

Click here>> 20th April 2017

DCUK show entries for 2017 contests

Click here>> 6th April 2017

SoundSport comes to Brigades' Showcase

Click here>> 7th March 2017

Essex Indoor Music Games/SoundSport- 6th May

Click here>> 6th March 2017

The Pacemakers Announce Their New 2017 Production: "CONTINUUM"

Click here>> 15th February 2017

DCUK attend Drum Corps International Annual Meeting

Click here>> 14th February 2017

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